The Mahogany Box Mansion

The look of nicely finished wood just oozes class. And when that selection of wood happens to be Mahogany, you’re all of a sudden on a whole new level. Bates Masi + Architects took it upon themselves to design and construct a house for a uniqely specific couple with a very contemporary lifestyle. Their requests included juggling the preparation of a home-cooked meal with the stresses of a high-pressure job and the ubiquity of smart phones and technology. All this while having the space be appropriately able to give separation when needed, but accommodating to ‘families with kids’. And thus, the Mahogany box complex was the solution.

Large Mahogany-based boxes were constructed to give privacy when needed, but supervision and access from almost any point. So the grown-ups can hold a dinner party and still keep tabs on the kids. It’s no question that this house has been finished in a form factor above perfect. The lines are minimalist, the design is contemporary and modern, yet the construction is timeless. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a home with such presence and stature while feeling so warm and cozy.

Bates Masi Architects

Bates Masi Architects Home

Bates Masi Architects Mahogany Home

Bates Masi House

Bates Masi House

Bates Masi House

Bates Masi House

Credit: Architizer

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