The Most Relaxing Office In The World

So you’re sitting at your desk, slowly plowing through the monstrous pile of work laying infront of you. The hours seem to drag on as the coffee you had at 9AM has all but worn off. The minutes are getting longer with each new page you turn, and the screen infront of you is starting to become a big blur. Just when you think you can’t take anymore, you close your eyes and let your mind run free. You’re sitting on a beach, sun beaming on your face and the sound of waves crashing on the beach infront of you. Then you take your feet and bury them into the sand — the best feeling ever. Eventually you open your eyes and come back to reality, but wait, your feet are still in the sand! It’s a miracle. Your entire desk is now sitting atop a beach-like paradise.

This was the vision of artist Justin Kemp. He stated that he could never fully get relaxed at his home office and found the solution came from running his feet through the sand. It may look a bit rudimentary on the surface, but I’ll bet if you were to put on a CD full of ocean noises and crank the fan while closing your eyes, you’d be transported to any beach you could think of.

Would you want to work from a beach home office?

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